Saturday, August 22, 2009

house for sale

720 Spruce Leavenworth, KS
3 Bedroom 2 full baths

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Some of the blogs i frequent quite often have these wordless days where they just post a pic. Of course wordless is hard for me but i have some perfect pictures for it.

You can just guess what Lizzie is thinking.

Do I not have the cutest kids in the world:) of course i am bias.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We had a pretty good 4th of July. Lizzie is getting some teeth in and come to find out doesnt really care for fireworks. So most of the time was spent with Lizzie being held with a death grip on us. Still nice to see our families. It worked out perfectly we went to Franks families on Friday and mine on Sat.
Frank also had a back ache so he wasnt feeling great either.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So when we finally decide between 2 houses they both get sold THAT DAY!! so we got neither of the ones we thought were going to be okay. The gray house i showed before is still on the market problem is it is on a busy road and no yard. UGGHHH!!
Not sure we are going to be good at this whole house hunting stuff. First off we have to make a quick decision which is not necessarily Frank nor I's strong suit. Secondly I think we are picky so we constantly think there is something better out there. I will keep you posted. We are obviously learning a lot through this process.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swimming lessons

So tomorrow is the last day of swimming lessons for Bethany. She went from I am going to drown to going under when the teacher isnt looking (YIKES) we got to watch today she did a great job. we will see tomorrow if she passed either way she is a lot more comfortable with the water which is a major point of the water. The pics did not come out very good.


So we feel we have found the "one" the only problem is that it is not in Lansing but close enough; maybe we can cross the street and catch the bus:) we are literally that close. Check them out.

They are exactly the same but one(the gray one) is on a busy street and has little yard like no swing set and definately no pool :) the other tan one we did not like the "feel" of but wins over because of the yard and off the busy street. We shall see. I think we will have to not have such a big down payment to use on the cost of our old house and the new. We will see all those catholics out there pray to St. Joseph for us.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well yesterday our roof was suppose to get started that didnt happen. But today... work has begun. The roof is one of the few projects I did not have to help with I LOVE IT!! It is soo nice to just watch and see all of the work going on and I WAS NOT INVOLVED YIPPPPEEE!! this is yet another project that i hope sells the house. I have been working on painting the front porch. Once again i look like a kindergartner with all the paint on me. I am not the neatest painter. Here are some pics of the roof getting done. Since writing the men went to I assume lunch but have not came back it is 1:15 that would be over an hour lunch. ONCE again learning Spanish would help me. UGGGHHH!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

our house

So we have made the plunge we are going to sell our house that is after the downstirs bathroom is done. UGHH!! Here are some pics of our home right now. Me being the control freak i am took some pics for the realtor.

if you know anyone that is moving to Leavenworth, HAHAHA

sooo long

It has been so long i am just posting some pics. randomly some of bethanys bday some of fathers day. We put frank on a scvanger hunt on Sat. night it was a fathers day weekend. We got him a coffee pot so i wanted him to have it ready for sunday before church. It was fun. I think Bethany and i had more fun putting it together then he had.

We also got him a blue shirt he got that on sunday. like a said fathers day WEEKEND.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


One day making a snowman and sledding the next riding bikes.

little vandel

picks up crayon Colors on dishwasher
then gives the innocent look; Who me??
Sometimes i really dont want to know what happens when i am at work :)

Cheap entertainment

Since really watching our budget I have started looking for ways to cut back as a lot of people have. Anyway the Wednesday of Spring Break we went to rent a movie at the red box at mcdonalds one of my websites i follow had a code for a free movie. Then on the way there we saw a construction crew was ripping down some houses. I thought it was cool so we parked right beside it and watched. Then went home and watched our free movie.

St Patrick's DAY

What a beautiful St. Patricks Day. We went to Topeka to spend it with my family. I picked up my Grandma it was a great/blessed day.

romantic weekend ;)

I am very late with this. Frank and I's romantic weekend without girls was 2 weeks ago but here is a pic of the cake Frank bought me. Best part it was gluten free and EXTREMELY thoughtful. What a nice guy:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One good thing!!

Frank and I have made many mistakes as parents as I am sure others have made. But the one thing we both agree we have done "right" is to have a nightly routine. Part of that routine is to read a book. I feel this has 1. made reading an important part of our lives 2. a way to unwind from the day 3. built lasting relationships.
I took this pictures last night. I find it so funny Lizzie is just chillin' Gosh those girls love their DADDY!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lizzie's Bday

Lizzie's two cakes. I must say I was pretty proud of the both:)

Lizzie's FIRST taste of glutten. We tried for her not to have glutten until her first birthday. So far no side effects YEAH!!

Lizzie decided at one she would become a plumber. Watch out Chuck's Plumbing here she comes. She must come from it naturally.

The tradition is to give everyone a big ball for their first birthday Lizzie loved it like all the other first birthday kids :)

The other gift the water table/sand table we set it up in our new kitchen. It didnt last long. should be great in the summer.

Monday, March 2, 2009



We have granite. My one countertop had plywood for the last 6 years it now has granite. Frank literally took so many pictures I felt like I was there!! Thanks honey :)

Here they are first coming to our house!! YIPPPEE Bethany held the door! That was her job!

So this is what our kitchen looks like now