Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well yesterday our roof was suppose to get started that didnt happen. But today... work has begun. The roof is one of the few projects I did not have to help with I LOVE IT!! It is soo nice to just watch and see all of the work going on and I WAS NOT INVOLVED YIPPPPEEE!! this is yet another project that i hope sells the house. I have been working on painting the front porch. Once again i look like a kindergartner with all the paint on me. I am not the neatest painter. Here are some pics of the roof getting done. Since writing the men went to I assume lunch but have not came back it is 1:15 that would be over an hour lunch. ONCE again learning Spanish would help me. UGGGHHH!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

our house

So we have made the plunge we are going to sell our house that is after the downstirs bathroom is done. UGHH!! Here are some pics of our home right now. Me being the control freak i am took some pics for the realtor.

if you know anyone that is moving to Leavenworth, HAHAHA

sooo long

It has been so long i am just posting some pics. randomly some of bethanys bday some of fathers day. We put frank on a scvanger hunt on Sat. night it was a fathers day weekend. We got him a coffee pot so i wanted him to have it ready for sunday before church. It was fun. I think Bethany and i had more fun putting it together then he had.

We also got him a blue shirt he got that on sunday. like a said fathers day WEEKEND.