Sunday, March 29, 2009


One day making a snowman and sledding the next riding bikes.

little vandel

picks up crayon Colors on dishwasher
then gives the innocent look; Who me??
Sometimes i really dont want to know what happens when i am at work :)

Cheap entertainment

Since really watching our budget I have started looking for ways to cut back as a lot of people have. Anyway the Wednesday of Spring Break we went to rent a movie at the red box at mcdonalds one of my websites i follow had a code for a free movie. Then on the way there we saw a construction crew was ripping down some houses. I thought it was cool so we parked right beside it and watched. Then went home and watched our free movie.

St Patrick's DAY

What a beautiful St. Patricks Day. We went to Topeka to spend it with my family. I picked up my Grandma it was a great/blessed day.

romantic weekend ;)

I am very late with this. Frank and I's romantic weekend without girls was 2 weeks ago but here is a pic of the cake Frank bought me. Best part it was gluten free and EXTREMELY thoughtful. What a nice guy:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One good thing!!

Frank and I have made many mistakes as parents as I am sure others have made. But the one thing we both agree we have done "right" is to have a nightly routine. Part of that routine is to read a book. I feel this has 1. made reading an important part of our lives 2. a way to unwind from the day 3. built lasting relationships.
I took this pictures last night. I find it so funny Lizzie is just chillin' Gosh those girls love their DADDY!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lizzie's Bday

Lizzie's two cakes. I must say I was pretty proud of the both:)

Lizzie's FIRST taste of glutten. We tried for her not to have glutten until her first birthday. So far no side effects YEAH!!

Lizzie decided at one she would become a plumber. Watch out Chuck's Plumbing here she comes. She must come from it naturally.

The tradition is to give everyone a big ball for their first birthday Lizzie loved it like all the other first birthday kids :)

The other gift the water table/sand table we set it up in our new kitchen. It didnt last long. should be great in the summer.

Monday, March 2, 2009



We have granite. My one countertop had plywood for the last 6 years it now has granite. Frank literally took so many pictures I felt like I was there!! Thanks honey :)

Here they are first coming to our house!! YIPPPEE Bethany held the door! That was her job!

So this is what our kitchen looks like now


Now that we have our stove. I am cooking away. One of the first things Bethany wanted was Pizza. Making pizza is a production at our house. We have Mommies glutten free pizza then the rest of the families. Bethany was so excited to have pizza which is kind of sad and funny.


Lizzie decided to climb this weekend also. She climbed 4 stairs then cried :)

I guess it is past time for the baby gate


Sadly this snow did not come on a school day Bethany and Dad still had fun!! We are so lucky ot have a sledding hill right outside our door.

Poor Lizzie didn't get to go WAY to cold. This is here looking out the window sad:(


We got the chance to go the Shrine Circus in Topeka. Not the best I have seen, was it always that cheesy?? Kids had a good time..
I promise we did not let them watch that scary clown show before the circus even though it looks like it.
This is 2 of bethany and lizzie's cousins
Brandon and Keith